Co-operation > Aim

Unloading a ship in the port of Győr The aim of the co-operation agreement is to optimise, promote, and expand a two-way goods flow between Flanders and Hungary on the existing waterways.

One of the aims is the creation of distribution zones for the transport between Flanders and Hungary. Also, work will continue on the industrial estates along the relevant waterways.

This means emphasising the water-related character of these grounds and attracting industrial activities that primarily use inland and/or coastal navigation for the transport of raw materials and finished products.
  • Encourage the two-way goods flows between Flanders and Hungary

  • Make intermodal transport facilities and special transport on water available to small or medium-sized companies

  • Further development of port facilities and logistics

  • Simplification of administration and other formalities

  • Exchange of statistical and technical information, information concerning goods transports, the maintenance and management of inland ports and waterways

  • Creation of a fixed goods transport connection between the two inland ports