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The co-operation agreement between the NV Zeekanaal en Watergebonden Grondbeheer Vlaanderen and the port of Győr-Gönyű implies a number of engagements from both partners.

Unloading a ship in the port of Győr The parties will exchange information and promote the transport of goods between the two ports.

A direct communication line shall be established between both port authorities; this communication line shall be at the disposal of third parties who are interested in this kind of transport.

The NV Zeekanaal and the port of Győr-Gönyű shall keep each other informed of future developments regarding the infrastructure and rules and regulations of their port installations.

Any traffic opportunities will be shared and the two ports will decide which information is released to third parties. Transfer companies and agencies working with the NV Zeekanaal and Győr-Gönyű Kikötő Rt. respectively, and which have reached an agreement with one of the two partners, shall be given the aforementioned information.

Both the NV Zeekanaal and Győr-Gönyű Kikötő Rt. shall lobby the respective Flemish, Belgian, and Hungarian authorities for the establishment of a distribution zone specifically geared to handling goods destined for Flanders and Hungary, with the appropriate customs clearance facilities.

The parties shall pursue, each in their respective territories, the highest quality two-way goods flows from the NV Zeekanaal to the port of Győr-Gönyű and these goods shall be handled with the necessary priority and care.
Once the necessary volumes have been reached, the parties shall set up a follow-up system to monitor the transactions.
The NV Zeekanaal shall be responsible for a “door-to-door” service. Third parties will be invited to reach individual agreements.

Both parties shall make their co-operation public and promote it.

In the context of the PHARE project or a similar EU sponsored programme, the parties shall submit a proposal for EU subsidies to promote and intensify their co-operation. This proposal will be jointly worked out.

The NV Zeekanaal and the port of Győr-Gönyű will share experience in the field of maintenance, development, and operation of an inland port.

The parties will evaluate the feasibility of a shuttle service between the Sea Canal Brussels-Scheldt and the port of Győr-Gönyű over the inland navigation waterways based on the volume and the frequency of traffic and the applicable market prices for the various modes of transport.