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Wintam lock For companies active in the region, the co-operation agreement offers many interesting possibilities.

The authorities will, each in their own region, create a transfer point that is specifically geared to the existing and future two-way flows of goods. The fact that the transport of these goods will receive priority treatment is important. Special attention will be paid to the ongoing improvement of the partners’ respective services, with plans for the centralisation of the customs clearance formalities and - in Flanders - a “door-to-door” service.

Businesses will also benefit from the database that contains extensive information about the goods flows, experience with maintenance, development and operation of an inland port and waterway. This database will be made available to interested third parties.

Terminals, haulage firms and freightment companies will be informed of interesting and developing transport activities.

  The Combined Commodity Trading Centres Zeekanaal and the port of Győr-Gönyű offer the following services and facilities:
  • Loading, unloading and transshipment of goods
  • Storage, handling and packaging
  • Distribution
  • Customs services
  • Forwarding and shipment
  • Container terminals
  • R0-RO facilities
  • Maintenance and repair facilities for ships
  • Special port facilities
  • Tourism, hotels, restaurants, yacht basins