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The port of Gyor-Gönyu is located at a strategic location for multi-modal transport to the rest of Hungary, i.e. close to water, railways, and motorways.

Hungary itself occupies a strategically interesting spot in that it is not only the gateway to the rest of Central and Eastern Europe but is also a perfect transit point. As the same may be said of Flanders, this common element forms an important link between Flanders and Hungary in terms of transport and transport logistics.

The NV Zeekanaal en Watergebonden Grondbeheer Vlaanderen and the port of Gyor-Gönyu both pursue, each in their respective territories, the highest quality two-way goods flows from NV Zeekanaal to the port of Gyor-Gönyu.
This territory is not restricted to a direct connection between Flanders and Hungary but extends far beyond. Via the Rhine, the Main, and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, the Danube is an ideal link between Flanders and the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.

Other Hungarian co-operation agreements with the ports of Baja and Zahony also need to be seen in this light. In joint consultation with Export Vlaanderen and the GOM East Flanders (Regional Development Area), a study has been conducted to determine if the three projects can be combined. This would imply the creation of an even more powerful economic platform from which to operate.

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