Useful Addresses > Relations The Flemish government on line The federal government on line The NV Zeekanaal on line 'Dienst voor de Scheepvaart' (Flemish Shipping Authority) Waterways and Marine Affairs administration Promotion of canal shipping in Flanders Promotion of short sea shipping in Flanders Port of Brussels Port of Antwerp Port of Charleroi Everything you ever wanted to know about exports from and to Flanders Regional Development Agency and SME consultant for the province of Vlaams-Brabant Regional Development Agency for the Province of Antwerp Chambers of Commerce and industry of Belgium Regional platform for the district of Mechelen Dynamic Inventory of Companies in the district of Mechelen Publisher De Lloyd Hessenatie Logistics The start page for all shipping related links on the Internet Co-ordinating collective industrial organisation for shipping Instituut voor het Transport langs de Binnenwateren (Institute for Canal transport) European association of inland ports European Commission Transport Find logistical solutions in almost 40 countries in 5 steps Water-level reports News for boatmen National Meteorological Service

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